I thought of what a “parents perspective” of UDance would be and I keep thinking that it’s really not what I/we think it’s more of what I/we feel. Because, for me it is how I think is controlled by how I feel. So to understand what UDance means to me you must first understand what is my emotional connection towards UDance.
A parents love for their child has no boundaries. Our children are the greatest love we have ever felt. For myself and every single parent I know who’s child has been diagnosed with Childhood Cancer, our sole purpose in life became saving our child’s life.
For me this became emotional chaos from the first time I felt the fear of something being very wrong with the health of my child. Then while my son was hospitalized and the very real possibility of losing my son was my reality. Every emotion that a human being can feel ran through my heart and in every single thought I had.  I needed the answers to what was seriously wrong with my son but it’s not that easy. We can find out how to help my son but I need to know more about what is available to help my child.
I remember quite clearly being told to prepare myself for the possibility of my son losing his life.
I never thought about Childhood Cancer before my son was diagnosed, I never thought I would have ever had to fight for my sons life, I never thought I would have hugged a parent who lost their child to Childhood Cancer, I never thought I would have a knowledge that no parent should ever have, I never thought of any of this (and more) but now this is what I think about, this is what I do.
One of the hardest things for anyone to do is ask for help.
I needed help and had almost no where to get my son help. I needed help because I needed to be right their with my child.
This emotional chaos doesn’t  end, I’ve learned coping skills, I’ve learned a lot about my sons Childhood Cancer and other Childhood Cancers. I felt angry that I couldn’t find better treatments for my son. I never had enough time to learn everything so I had to rely on the best medical care that I could find in just the few short days my son had to live.
I was told that the chemotherapies and treatments will cause harm to my child. My child will have surgeries, biopsies, tests, scans, procedures and do them all over again and again……but there is no guarantee that we can save my child’s life.

During all of this emotional chaos I met with someone else who just understood everything I felt, someone who understands every emotion I feel. Someone willing to help my son and I in any way they could; because they never forget how Childhood Cancer has caused them an unimaginable pain and they never want anyone else to feel the anguish, fear sorrow anger, the emotional chaos that Childhood Cancer causes.
Then I  met Joe McDonough and The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation became more than just the common connection of Childhood Cancer. Joe, Chris, Ali and Andrew became people we love, people we call family. I never want another child to suffer through Childhood Cancer. I never want another parent to go through the emotional chaos that I felt.
“I NOW HAVE HOPE!” I remember thinking this over and over the very first night I was introduced to Joe and The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

So now that you understand just a little bit of the emotional connection let me tell you how I feel about THOUSANDS of University of Delaware Students  joining us in helping save the lives of many of our children. Imagine how I feel about THOUSANDS of University of Delaware students coming together to help thousands of families  (just like Danny and I) afflicted with Childhood Cancers. Imagine watching the joy on my sons face, after witnessing the pain and suffering  for years when he gets to do something that he loves with the University of Delaware Students. This UDance Union between Danny and the University of Delaware Football Team has helped Danny both emotionally and physically. UDance created a bond between Danny and the student athletes of the UD Football Team that will last a lifetime with wonderful lifetime memories of happiness. Can you imagine how I feel seeing my son emotionally better because he feels loved and very special. Imagine how I feel while I watch Danny  get physically stronger because he wants to be like his big brothers of the University of Delaware Football Team.