Our Journey This Far

By: Aaron Policow

This semester with Kaden has been amazing. He has become so much more comfortable with us, and vice versa. We are so lucky to have him. Overtime we see him, memories are created. For instance, one particular day that touched me was the day of the holiday party. While enjoying the food, someone approached Kaden and explained that Joe McDonough had been looking for him. We proceeded to find Joe in the Trabant Lounge talking to a family. Once Joe was done talking with that family, Kaden began speaking with him. Joe welcomed him to the holiday party and explained something very touching to Kaden and all of his ZBT brothers. Joe said that Kaden is a true inspiration to him. He said Kaden was a role model to everyone in the Be Positive community. It got to a point where Joe explained that he could not put into words how amazed he was at the strength and positivity that Kaden exhibits. This hit us all very deep down, especially Kaden, as he began to cry happily. We were all taken back by the powerful words Joe had said to him, and gathered around for a group hug. This meant the world to Kaden, and we had never felt more proud of him than at that moment.

Attached below are some photos of us taken throughout this semester. One update is that we went out for ice cream with him today at friendly’s.