Many hands make light work!

Anyone can help out during the day of UDance, (even dancers)! We have a lot of positions to cover, both throughout the year and on the day of the big event! Simply fill out this form to apply to be a volunteer, or reach out to us to learn more.

Yearly Volunteer Positions

Yearly UDance Volunteers ensure the special events held throughout the year run effectively. Volunteers may set up and break down events throughout the year, create posters and banners for special events, coordinate merchandise kiosks in the Trabant Student Center, and assist in UDance Decoration Days. Yearly UDance Volunteers play an instrumental role in the functionality and success of year-long UDance events and activities.

Day of Event Positions

UDance Day Of Volunteers assist in the operation of the culminating event every March. Some of their roles include working the ticket window and check-in tables for students and alumni, upholding security procedures throughout the day around The Bob Carpenter Center, monitoring and assisting the Food and Beverage locations, assisting performers throughout the day, and working merchandise tables.

Day of volunteer shifts are two hours each. Volunteers may sign up for more than one shift if they would like to.

“The emotions that came over me after two years of planning and 12 hours of dancing during the first ever UDance marathon are indescribable. It was amazing to see how many people came together in just the first year to support such an important cause. The little seed that was planted at the University of Delaware has grown into such an influential event that touches the lives of so many. I am proud to say that UDance will always be apart of my life.”

- Jessica Forman

Lobby Workers

Check In

Responsible for checking in Dancers, Moralers, Volunteers, and Alumni as they enter The Bob Carpenter Sports Center.


Ticket Window

Responsible for selling entrance tickets for admission into UDance. This role will also involve taking donations at the door.

On the Floor

Silent Disco

Responsible for monitoring the Silent Disco, handing out headphones, and overseeing the activity throughout the event.

Hair Donations

Responsible for the Hair Donations section of UDance. These individuals will sign people up to donate hair, track them down for their appointment, and oversee the donation process.

Stage Crew

Responsible for organizing and monitoring the performers throughout the UDance event. They will help to ensure that all performers are where they need to be at all times.

Arts and Craft Table

Responsible for helping UDance attendees at the craft station. Will ensure that the space and supplies remain clean and organized and will interact with kids making arts and crafts.


12 Hour Gram Table

The 12 Hour Gram table allows individuals to come and write notes for their dancing friends! This role will be responsible for overseeing collection of messages & donations and the delivery of 12 hour grams.

Sitting Police

Responsible for ensuring that no Dancers or Moralers sit at any point during the 12 hours of UDance.

General Roles

Food and Beverage

Responsible for assisting with all food and beverage needs throughout the event.


Responsible for selling UDance and B+ Foundation merchandise throughout the event.

First Aid

Must be available to help in case of any injuries during UDance. May also be asked to assist in other areas, as we hope to have no real injuries during the event!

Clean Up

Responsible for assisting the Executive Board in cleaning up after UDance. Will be required at least one hour before the event ends.

Let’s make a difference, together.