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In our first ten years, we have raised over 5.26 million dollars, have involved over 120 student and Greek organizations, and have engaged thousands upon thousands of students. Consistent with The University of Delaware’s path of prominence, UDance plans to expand it’s reach throughout the state and with your help, we can grow into a successful and rewarding tradition that will make a huge impact in the fight against children’s cancer.

Corporate Sponsors are organizations and individual company representatives that financially support UDance’s mission in the fight against childhood cancer. Corporate Sponsors inside and outside of the University of Delaware community are eligible to partner with UDance and are entitled to a list of benefits according to their pledge level.


Pledge > $1,500

All of Champion, Believer, Supporter, and Sponsor Benefits as well as Company logo printed on 1 of 3 large banners to be displayed in public on the days leading up to UDance as “Official Sponsor” (Banner will have info about UDance)

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“I chose to get involved in UDance because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids who were diagnosed with cancer. What I never could have predicted is the impact that UDance has had on me. Seeing children who have very little to smile about be so happy and so full of life has been a life-changing experience and one that I will remember forever.”

- Ivy Cohn, UDance Sponsor

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ALL DONATIONS MADE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE – Checks can be made payable to UDance Marathon
Please send all checks to: UDance Marathon, 015L Perkins Student Center, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19711