Frequently Asked Questions

UDance Dance Marathon
How many students are involved with UDance?



We encourage students across campus to get involved. In 2017, over 120 student organizations were involved in UDance throughout the year.

 2,627 students participated as Volunteers, Dancers, or Moralers in the annual dance marathon on March 12, 2017. Over 5000 individuals attended UDance 2017.

Can anyone become involved in UDance?

Yes! There are many involvement opportunities available to students, faculty, staff, alumni, Corporate Sponsors, members of the University of Delaware community, and supporters across the country.

What are the different levels of involvement with UDance?



Attend a Special Event

All individuals are welcome to attend special events held throughout the academic year.

Sign Up

If you would like to increase your involvement with UDance, you can sign up on our donation page as an individual, or with a team.

A UDance team consists of a group of students, faculty, staff, alumni, members of the University of Delaware community, and UDance supporters who raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer throughout the year. Teams can set financial goals, which will be displayed on the team page.

If you would like to participate in UDance, we also have further levels of involvement as Volunteer, Moraler, and Dancer positions.

Yearly Volunteers

Yearly UDance Volunteers ensure the special events held throughout the year run effectively. Volunteers may set up and break down events throughout the year, create posters and banners for special events, coordinate merchandise kiosks in the Trabant Student Center, and assist in UDance Decoration Days. Yearly UDance Volunteers play an instrumental role in the functionality and success of year-long UDance events and activities.

Day of Volunteers

UDance Day Of Volunteers assist in the operation of the culminating event every March. Some of their roles include working the ticket window and check-in tables for students and alumni, upholding security procedures throughout the day around The Bob Carpenter Center, monitoring and assisting the Food and Beverage locations, assisting performers throughout the day, and working merchandise tables.

Engagement Coordinators

Engagement Coordinators are UDance representatives within the Residence Halls. Engagement Coordinators act as a resource and liaison to help connect fellow residents to UDance through various opportunities inside and outside of the Residence Halls. EC’s are a part of a large committee of other Engagement Coordinators across campus whose tasks may include but are not limited to: attending weekly Engagement Coordinator meetings with the UDance Residence Life Chairs, planning Residence Hall or campus wide events with fellow EC’s, presenting about UDance within the Residence Halls, promoting UDance in local dining halls, and composing their own promotional materials (flyers, Facebook events, etc.).


UDance Moralers are a part of the Morale Program. By signing up as a Moraler on the donation site, Moralers pledge to raise $275 For Our Heroes and stand for all 12 hours at UDance.


UDance Dancers are a part of the Morale Program. By signing up as a Dancer on the donation site, Dancers pledge to raise $500 For Our Heroes and stand for all 12 hours at UDance.

Comma Club

UDance Comma Club Members are a part of the Morale Program. By signing up as a Comma Club member on the donation sight, Comma Club members pledge to raise $1,000 For Our Heroes and stand for all 12 hours at UDance.

Chapter Representatives

Chapter Representatives keep their chapters up-to-date on all UDance related events and activities. Their responsibilities may include but are not limited to: speaking at Chapter meetings, planning UDance events within their Chapters, coordinating outings with their B+ Heroes, and finding ways to increase Chapter participation and involvement with UDance. These representatives are chosen differently by each Chapter.

Committee Members

UDance Committee Members contribute to one of three individual teams: The Canning Committee, The Hospitality Committee, and The Special Events Committee. Committee Members assist with the daily operations of UDance. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: keeping master lists of all UDance event items and numbers, creating additional decorations for the day of UDance, planning Decoration Days, hosting individual Committee events, and transporting food, beverages, and other miscellaneous items from their respective locations to the Bob Carpenter Center. Tasks differ based on Committee.

Executive Board Members

After UDance, the current Co-Executive Directors choose two new Co-Executive Directors for the following year through an application and interview process. In order to apply for this position, individuals must have served at least one year on the UDance Executive Board.

After the new Co-Executive Directors are chosen, Director and Chair position descriptions and applications are made available to University of Delaware students. After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, the new Executive Board is chosen.



How does UDance fundraise throughout the year?



Thanks to the hard work and dedication of students, faculty, staff, alumni, Corporate Sponsors, members of the UD Community, and UDance supporters, there are many opportunities to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.

Donation Emails

UDance fundraises by sending out donation emails to family members, friends, and colleagues.

Blue Henvelopes

UDance holds an annual Blue Henvelopes Mail Campaign in the fall. Blue Henvelopes is a two-day event where individual students and organizations on campus come together to decorate, personalize, and send out donation letters to family members, friends, and colleagues. In 2015, participants sent 3,500 Blue Henvelopes which brought in an astounding 1,293 donations for The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

All mail and checks can be directed to the address below. For all checks, please write the full name of the recipient in the subject line.

015L Perkins Student Center
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19711

Engagement Coordinators

With the help of Engagement Coordinators, UDance raises awareness and funds in the Residence Halls across campus.


Individuals and groups across campus fundraise by canning Individuals can go canning on Main Street, in Delaware, and out of state with designated permits. In 2015, nearly 500 groups went canning.

FTK Tuesday Profit Share Events and Co-Sponsorships

UDance partners with other organizations on campus for FTK (For The Kids) Tuesday profit-share events and co-sponsored, student-run events on campus.

During weekly profit-share events, we work with local restaurants and facilities. UDance receives a portion of the proceeds.

Morale Program

UDance fundraises through the Morale Program. Moralers pledge to raise $246 For Our Heroes, and Dancers pledge to raise $460 For Our Heroes.

Special Events and Merchandise Kiosks

Throughout the year, UDance holds special events and merchandise kiosks. During these special events and merchandise kiosks, we sell apparel, tickets, food, drinks, and receive monetary donations.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsors are organizations and individual company representatives that financially support UDance’s mission in the fight against childhood cancer. Corporate Sponsors inside and outside of the University of Delaware community are eligible to partner with UDance. Corporate Sponsors are entitled to a list of benefits that include but are not limited to:

  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Merchandise Advertising
  • Banner Advertising

UDance Dollar Days

UDance Dollar Days is a way to show that we are more powerful together. On the first day of every month, we ask students to donate $1 to The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, via Venmo. If every student donates $1, we have the ability to raise thousands in a single day. When a student donates to the Venmo page, their name is entered into a raffle. The winner of the raffle will receive all proceeds from the day onto their personal fundraising page.

Are UDance and The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation the same thing?

UDance and The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation are two different organizations that work together in the fight against childhood cancer.

In 2009, the UDance Dance Marathon at the University of Delaware officially partnered with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is UDance’s sole beneficiary.

Where can I receive more information about UDance?

You can follow us on Twitter: @UDance, Instagram: @UDance, Facebook, and LinkedIn to receive current updates.


If you would like to speak to an Executive Board Member, please refer to or come to the UDance Office, 015L, every weekday from 9 AM – 5 PM. Our office is located in the Lower Level of the Perkins Student Center.

For more information on our partnernship with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, please visit the B+ Get Involved page.

For all other inquiries, please email

What is canning?

Canning is a fundraising effort where groups of students go to various permitted locations to hand out informational flyers while asking for donations benefitting UDance. Canning is a great way to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer, as well as help your team reach your fundraising goal.

How do I go canning?


In order to go canning, reach out the Canning Team on the UDance Executive Board by filling out this form. Filling out the form will be considered a “permit request.” The canning team will send you a confirmation email letting you know that they received your request within 48 hours of submission. You will receive another email, approving your request and granting you permission to can at a certain location before the requested canning date. If a group of individuals is going canning, only one person needs to submit the request for the group. You must submit your request to can at least 48 hours before your requested date.


When your request is approved and you go canning, remember to Be Positive and have fun! You are a direct representation of UDance and should always be safe and respectful.


For additional canning information, such as winter session canning details and canning guidelines, click here.


Can I go intersection canning?


UDance does not approve of, promote, condone, or encourage intersection canning in the State of Delaware. Intersection canning is illegal in Delaware and UDance will not approve canning requests for intersection locations. If someone chooses to can at an intersection and violates our policy, they may face legal repercussions and/or charges through the University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct. UDance may also take action against them, such as not counting the funds collected towards the individual/team total and/or not allowing future individual/team canning. Please contact with any questions.

What happens if I am unable to reach my Dancer or Moraler fundraising goal?

All Dancers and Moralers are encouraged to reach out to the Dancer and Moraler Program Chairs throughout the year if they are having difficulties fundraising. The Program Chairs are knowledgeable of the best ways to fundraise and are motivated to ensure all members of the programs reach their goals. However, if you do not reach your fundraising goal, you will be removed from the program at the time of registration (the week before UDance). If you were signed up for the Dancer Program and did not raise enough money, but did reach the Moraler minimum, you will be switched to the Moraler Program.

When can I sign up to be a volunteer?

A Volunteer signup form will be released on social media at the beginning of the spring semester. If Volunteers are interested in helping throughout the year, they should look out for the Volunteer Pool sign up form. This form will also be released on social media, but at the beginning of the fall semester. The yearly Volunteer Pool members will be selected to assist at special events throughout the year, as well as attend our monthly Volunteer Day of Service.

Am I able to change from one program to another (i.e. from a Moraler to a Dancer) after I sign up?

Yes, you can switch programs throughout the year by logging into your personal donation site on the UDance website. However, Dancers and Moralers should be aware of the deadline to switch programs. This date typically falls two weeks before UDance and will be well advertised via email and social media so all program members are informed.

What are the perks of being a part of the Comma Club?

Comma Club members hold the greatest honor at UDance. Members receive a comma pin to wear at UDance, raffle tickets to enter in exclusive raffle baskets, as well as fast passes for the food lines. However, the greatest part of Comma Club membership is knowing that the money YOU raised has allowed The B+ Foundation to provide financial assistance to two families with children battling pediatric cancer.

I want to be a Dancer, but I don’t know how to dance. Is there another way I can participate?


You do not need to know how to dance to be a member of the Dancer Program. Being a Dancer simply means that you pledge to raise a minimum of $500 and will stand for all 12 hours of UDance.


I signed up to be a Dancer/ Moraler at UDance, but I just realized I have a conflict and will not be able to attend the day of UDance. Do I need to be removed from the program?


Although your presence will be missed, don’t let your inability to attend stop you from fundraising! You will need to remove yourself from the program, since you will not be upholding your pledge to stand all 12 hours. However you are greatly encouraged to fundraise as if you would be! You can remove yourself from the program by logging into your personal donation site on the UDance website and unclicking the Dancer/ Moraler box.

I joined a sorority/fraternity/new RSO. I want to be on their UDance team but I already am signed up on a different team. Is there a way to switch myself, including my current donations, to the new team?

If you want to switch UDance teams, please send an email to stating your current team, the team you would like to be switched to, and your full name. All of your donations and your personal page will remain the same, and you will be transferred to your new team

How long will it take for my canning donation or donation check to get up on the website?

It should not take longer than two weeks from the day your check arrives at the UDance office. If you do not see the expected check donation reflected on your fundraising page within two weeks, please email

Who do I make checks out to?

Checks can be made out to “The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation” or “UDance.”

Where do I drop off cash or checks?

Cash and/or checks can be mailed to, or dropped off at, 015L Perkins Student Center, Newark DE, 19717.

I accidentally donated more than I was planning to, how could I correct this? (For example, I donated $500, but I meant to donate $50!)

Email with the name of the person who made the donation. Also include the name of the person that the money was donated to, as well as the team they are fundraising on.

I went canning with a bunch of people, will the money raised be divided up among our separate fundraising accounts?

Yes!  It will be divided up evenly amongst canners unless otherwise specified. When returning canning money to the UDance office, please list the names and fundraising teams of all students who went canning on the supply return form.

What happens if I do not reach my fundraising goal?


If a student signed up to be a Moraler does not reach their fundraising goal, they will not longer be eligible to participate in the Moraler program.

They are still encouraged to attend UDance Dance Marathon and participate in special events. These students can also sign up to be volunteers.

If a student signed up to be a Dancer and does not raise $500, but does raise at least $275, they can participate in the Moraler Program. Students are encouraged to log in to their fundraising page, uncheck “Dancer,” and select “Moraler” before UDance registration if this is the case.


When is my Dancer or Moraler total due by?


Fundraising totals are due by the Wednesday before UDance.

How do I perform at UDance events throughout the year?

If you would like to be considered to perform at our special events throughout the year, please contact with a video of your performance. You can find out when and where our special events are by following our social media sites.

How do I perform at the day of UDance?

Ever year UDance will have a video submission opportunity for those who would like to be considered to perform at UDance Dance Marathon. We will post about the submission opportunity on our Facebook and Instagram sites, as well as printing out flyers to be handed out in residence halls and major academic buildings for public knowledge. After the videos are sent in, in-person-Live Auditions will be given to those performers who we believe will bring the talent and energy that our audience members would appreciate!

To Be A Silent Disco DJ...

The process is similar to those would like to perform on the main stage. We will be asking for MP3 submissions for those who want to perform at our Silent Disco pen at UDance and will contact accordingly!