Canning for a Good Cause

Individuals and groups across campus fundraise by Canning weekly. Canning is better known as Canister Solicitation. Canning is where individuals or groups go canning outside store fronts and hand out informational flyers about UDance and pediatric cancer while politely asking for donations. Some jurisdictions allow intersection canning and must be contacted before going, please follow the laws for the jurisdiction you will be canning in. Always contact the Canning Team before taking any canning trips as canning is illegal in some places. Canning is a great method to utilize in order to reach UDance team totals as well as individual totals. Individuals or groups can go canning on Main Street, off campus, or out of state with designated permits.

We encourage off campus canning all weekends, but strongly promote it on our Off Campus Canning Weekends. We have designated weekends selected throughout the year where individuals and organizations go Canning in various hometowns.

Winter Session is a great time to go Canning. While many students are on winter break, we have the opportunity to raise awareness for pediatric cancer in hometowns and other locations across the country.

    • Before Canning, all individuals must read through the Canning Guidelines and watch the Canning Video.
    • If you are interested in going Canning, please sign up to Can and click here to request a permit.
    • Please note that requests must be processed 48 hours in advance of the requested Canning trip. Confirmation of your request will be sent 2-3 days prior to the requested Canning trip date.
    • When Canning, remember to take pictures using the following hashtags:  #SmallChange4BigChange #UDance2019
    • Always remember safety first and when using a vehicle, all passengers must have and wear their own personal safety belt.
    • UDance does not approve of, promote, condone, or encourage intersection canning in the State of Delaware. Intersection canning is illegal in Delaware and UDance will not approve canning requests for intersection locations. If someone chooses to can at an intersection and violates our policy, they may face legal repercussions and/or charges through the University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct. UDance may also take action against them, such as not counting the funds collected towards the individual/team total and/or not allowing future individual/team canning. Please contact with any questions.
    • If you do not comply with the rules and regulations set forth by UDance or the laws in the jurisdiction you are canning in; you are subject to immediate removal from your canning location. loss of your canning privileges, and funds raised while canning.


For more information regarding Canning, please contact