Campus Engagement

The Campus Engagement team is responsible for increasing awareness, UDance involvement and participation within the entire UD community. Campus Engagement works with student groups, Residence Life and Housing staff members, and faculty members. We strive to make everyone feel connected to UDance throughout the entire year.

Matt Sommers
RSO Student Engagement Chair

Georgia Gagianas
Residence Life Chair

Collin LeNoir

Mikey Draine
Faculty Engagement Chair

Nikki Dombrowski
RSO Student Engagement Chair

Matthew Kantner
Residence Life Chair

Canning Team

The Canning Team is responsible for increasing awareness and fundraising efforts throughout the year. Individuals and groups across campus fundraise by Canning weekly. Canning is known as Canister Solicitation. Individuals or groups stand on street corners or outside store fronts, hand out informational flyers about UDance and pediatric cancer while politely asking for donations. Canning is a great method to utilize in order to reach UDance totals. Individuals or groups can go canning on Main Street, off campus, or out of state with designated permits.

We encourage off campus canning all weekends, but strongly promote it on our Off Campus Canning Weekends. We have designated weekends selected throughout the year where individuals and organizations go Canning in various hometowns.

Ethan Wolff
Greek Life Liaison

Samantha Farley
Organizations Liaison

Evan Olsen
Canning Permits Chair

Eduardo Aroacha
Canning Permits Chair

Kristina Biddle

Grace Perigaut
Canning Comittee Chair

Olivia Vinkler
Canning Permits Chair

Entertainment Team

The Entertainment Team is responsible for providing outstanding Entertainment for students, the B+ Heroes, and their families at UDance events. We oversee all Entertainment-related events throughout the year, secure all of the major acts for the day of UDance, and produce music for the yearly Line Dance.

Tori McMachan
Production Chair

Dylan Christie
DJ Chair

Alexis Gutch

Jacqueline Zuccarelli
Production Chair

Family Relations Team

The Family Relations Team is responsible for providing consistently memorable experiences for the B+ Heroes and families throughout the entire year. Family Relations Executive Board Members keep in constant contact with the B+ Heroes, families, and organizations who have adopted a B+ Hero to ensure student groups are maintaining positive relationships with the B+ Heroes and families.

Sam Scarpone
B+ Family Liaison

Cara Esposito
Family Relations Assistant

Kierstin Marsh
Team Liaison

Kayla Mendes
Team Liaison

Kelly Sassa

Kate Bader
Team Liaison

Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for paying, receiving, and securing all finances, ensuring all monetary donations made to UDance are accounted for, working with companies and filling out Company Matching forms, and keeping proper financial records.

Genevieve Vicari
Canning Liaison Chair

Patrick Haefner

John Maher
Donation Chair

Dianna Kitt
Finance Assistant Chair

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team is responsible for coordinating UDance raffles, working with small businesses, foundations, Corporate Sponsors, and alumni to further connect individuals to the UDance mission, raise awareness, and raise funds for pediatric cancer.

Troy Holland
Corporate Sponsorship Chair

Michael Walsh
Corporate Sponsorship Chair

Jess Geiger
Profit Share Chair

Julia Perez
Community Outreach Chair

Acza Alvarado
Corporate Sponsorship Chair

Greek Life Team

The Sorority and Fraternity Greek Life Team is responsible for meeting with Chapter Representatives on a weekly basis, relaying pertinent UDance information to Chapter Representatives and their respective Chapters, hosting Greatest of the Greeks, and connecting Greek Life to UDance opportunities.

Nick Noval
Fraternity Greek Life Director

Nina Price
Sorority Greek Life Director

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team is responsible for solidifying food donations, beverage donations, and promotions for yearly special events and the entire day of UDance.

Sam Wilson
Food and Beverage Chair

Sarah Zug

Maddie Mahoney
Food & Beverage Chair

Media Team

The Media Team is responsible for creating visually appealing work for all UDance supporters, maintaining the UDance and merchandise websites, designing and selling merchandise, and producing videos and flyers for all special events and individual promotions throughout the year.

Matt Aromando
Video Production Chair

Michael Cisternino

Colette LaPorta
Graphic Design Chair

Niko Herrera
Web Design Chair

Sophia Maloff 
Photography Chair

Sara Hall
Graphic Design Chair

Morale Team

The Morale Team is responsible for coordinating the Line Dance, organizing and maintaining the Dancer, Moraler, and Volunteer Programs, hosting Morale Program events, and ensuring all individuals involved with the Morale Program uphold safety precautions and procedures throughout the year.

Melissa Buchner
Volunteer Program Chair

Curtis Staropoli
Moraler Program Chair

Gianna Santaniello
Dancer Program Chair

Julie Brennan

Organizations Team

The Organizations Team is responsible for engaging and maintaining current organization, Club, and Varsity athletic team involvement on campus, and coordinating student-run Co-Sponsored events and opportunities.

Carolyn Seltzer
Varsity Sports Chair

Cassie Lynch

Charlotte Jenkins
Club Sports Chair

Public Relations

The Public Relations Team is responsible for disseminating all information pertinent to UDance to the Delaware student body and greater community. Our primary sources of communication are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Newsletter. Be sure to follow and Interact with us on social media by tagging @UDance!

Merissa Muller
Media Relations Chair

Elizabeth Bell

Cristina Padovani
Newsletter Chair

Sarah Fritz
Social Media Chair

Lindsey Tattory
Social Media Chair

Special Events Team

The Special Events Team is responsible for creating, planning, organizing, and executing the main awareness and fundraising events on campus in the fall. In the spring, we collaborate with all other teams in planning the logistics, aesthetics, and overall operations for the day of UDance.

All individuals are welcome to attend special events held throughout the academic year. Events held throughout the year include: FTKickoff, FTK Flag Football, the Rave Run 5K, and the B+ Hero Holiday Party.

Jamie Fisher
Special Events Chair

Brooke Wershaw

Andrew Major
Special Events Chair

Engagement Coordinators

The Engagement Coordinators are responsible for working with the Campus Engagement Director, Residence Life Chairs, fellow committee members and the University of Delaware community. They act as a representative, liaison and resource to students like themselves who are living in residence halls by providing various opportunities through engagement around campus. The ECs have a wide range of tasks throughout the year to ensure the entire student body can be included in UDance events while raising awareness and funds year round in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Canning Committee

The Canning Committee is responsible for working with the Canning Director, the Canning Supplies Chair, the Canning Permits Chair, the Greek Life Liaison, the Organizations Liaison, the Canning Committee Chair, and fellow Committee Members in order to spread the UDance mission to the UDance community, understand and assist with canning protocols and permit allocations, and raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer.

Hospitality Committee 

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for working with the Hospitality Director, Food and Beverage Chairs, the Hospitality Committee Chair, and fellow Committee Members in order to spread the UDance mission to the UDance community, understand and assist with Food and Beverage expectations for all yearly Special Events including the day of UDance, and raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer.

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee is responsible for working with the Special Events Director, the Donation Chair, the Special Events Committee Chair, and fellow Committee Members in order to spread the UDance mission to the UDance community, assist with all yearly Special Events logistics including the day of UDance, create consistency across all events, and raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer.